aztech hw550g

Hello Sir,

Good Day! please reset the router.

Press the reset button for 3 seconds while it is lit up.

Then check if the router will reboot itself. If it does

Please go ahead and check if other lights will lit up too.

Please make sure that other cables are connected properly

Like the Ethernet cable and the DSL line. if the only the power light

Is still lit up. And it is red. These are other options you can do:

– if the router you have is still within 2 years warranty.
– you can return it to the store where you purchased if from
-to have it replaced or fixed, depending on the warranty policy of the store.
– but if it is more than 2 years already, the warranty for this product is expired
-and you will need to purchase a new product/device to use to connect on the


Franze A. Alamano
Technical Support – Aztech Technologies Pte Ltd.


DID +65 6594 2297